M/Property is proud to have a long-standing team

Whether you are a first-time investor or own multiple properties, owning a property can come with challenges under all types of market conditions. This requires the expertise of a seasoned property or sales manager to maintain your investment and prime you for returns.

Our expert team delivers comprehensive property advice with a specific focus on the apartment sector. Our team treat every property they manage as they would their own and their attention to detail and proactive attitude mean that you can rest-assured in the knowledge that your asset will be protected and achieve the best possible returns.

Whether you are based locally, interstate, or overseas, we are dedicated to building trusted and transparent relationships. Our team endeavours to provide you with a service that removes the stress of owning an apartment.

Property Management

Property Managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of your property by looking after your tenants needs whilst also ensuring they are looking after your property. Our Leasing Executive looks after the leasing process to find a suitable tenant by advertising your property and carrying out home opens.

Tammy Senior Property Manager

Senior Property Manager

Sonny Property Manager

Property Manager


Property Manager

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Executive Leasing Manager


Inspection Manager


Assistant Property Manager





Sales & Business Development

Our Sales and Business Development Team are responsible for providing you with an appraisal to sell or lease your property followed by managing the sales process to attract suitable buyers and guiding you through from start to finish.

Amanda Project Sales Manager

Project Sales Manager

Deanne Property Consultant

Property Consultant

Our team work closely together with open communication ensuring a seamless process for our clients.